How your inverter bundle works:


  1. Receive your Inverter, battery and case bundle delivered by RocketStar
  2. Choose an ideal location for your unit – near your WiFi router or TV is normally a good place
  3. Plug the unit’s power cable into the wall and press the grey button on the front – your unit is now ready.
  4. Plug what you would like to be on permanently into one of the three plugs on the top of the unit – we suggest using a multi plug for bundled items (TV and DSTV decoder). The unit is ideal for running wifi routers, TV’s, DSTV, laptops, cell phone chargers, lamps. Avoid appliances that draw too much energy (anything that heats or cools like curling irons, also avoid printers) Your unit will let you know if the draw is too high and will been to be reset.
  5. Leave the unit on permanently and wait for load shedding JEnjoy uninterrupted Wifi, TV and work seamlessly through load shedding. Take a photo for your friends.
  6. For safety read your instructions.